About JK Accents

Exotic Pens, Shave Kits and More!

Gift a pen for virtually any reason...

Our pens make great gifts for all those special occasions like anniversaries, graduations, promotions, retirement, etc. Your family and friends, co-workers will appreciate your thinking of them with something truly special. Order one for yourself while you're at it!

We also do corporate work with logos, engraved boxes, and commission work. Most of our commission work uses wood supplied by our clients where there is a keepsake element to the project.

One of a Kind...

Ladies are rarely amused when they encounter someone wearing a dress identical to theirs. The same is true of custom pens. Knowing your pen or razor didn't come out of a mass-produced mold brings a measure of satisfaction every time you reach for it.

Of course, we do have a certain line of pens that are identical, like our double-bullet pens. A pen becomes unique when we hand select an exotic wood or other material and turn it to distinguish YOUR pen from all others. When you order a custom turned pen, know that your pen is truly ONE OF A KIND!